Internal & External SEO Experts

Engine Optimisation

If you want to optimise your website to be ranked better on search engines like Google, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used . The better your site ranks on search engines, the greater the chance that potential customers will come to you and find out about your business.

Website Optimisation

SEO audit, metatag optimization (title, keywords and description), keyword research, site content optimization, images and other types of files, HTML code optimization - valid W3C, Responsive pages - for mobile and tablet, create sitemap XML site map and subscribe to google, Robots.txt file, calculate keyword density on each page, Google Analytics site statistics.

Offsite Optimisation

Creating quality links to your site (link building), subscribing to web directories and search engines, creating and managing social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, connecting Social Media accounts to the site, posting articles and comments on Social Media, forums and blogs, creating Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster accounts, signing up for Google My Business / Google Maps.

Optimisation Pricing

How much does SEO optimisation cost? Can we talk about similar rates when comparing a small, simple site without much competition with a well-known, important online store? As 2 projects are not identical (simple or complex sites, html or php), we cannot talk about fixed SEO prices . We will do an analysis of your site and we will communicate the correct price for a site optimisation campaign. You can opt for Site Optimization at a time or you can choose long term SEO Optimisation Packages (we recommend at least 3 months). Prices for site optimization are affordable and start at $100 p/h AUD + GST

Leading SEO Agency

If your site is already optimized for web browsers, but you are not satisfied with the results, we offer a service of revision and adjustment of existing SEO implementations.
Successful SEO optimization depends on various elements of the website. A keyword in a domain name can greatly contribute to search engine rankings. The keyword in the title of the page must clearly describe what the central interest of the page is, while the description of the page is used by search engines to present the latter in the correct way
For easier access, navigation must link all pages well, while page URLs must contain keywords, be readable, simple and as short as possible.

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