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As an employer or manager, there is a lot of Work Health & Safety and Employment legislation you need to be compliant with.
Our unique training and induction platform saves you time, money, and effort with an all-in-one system for employee training and development.

Get started in just 3 simple steps:

Online Inductions Are A Simple, Transparent And Cost Effective Way To Keep Your Employees, Contractors And Volunteers Inducted Fast, While Allowing Your Business To Be OH&S Compliant.

Step 1 : SETUP
Upload your own training material and safety policies or create new content using an easy to use online induction software. Setup your own tests and pass scores, preview and export account activities to Excell.
Step 2 : INDUCT
Send instant link invites to your participants. Online inductions are done on any device connected to the internet
Track inductees progress and generate printable reports on all account activities in an instant. Auto collect and track compliance documents as part of online inductions. Expiration dates are monitored by the system and both users and admins are notified.


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